No.151/2, Kaluwala Junction, Ganemulla, Sri Lanka.

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At Educare Preschool, We provide a creative and stimulating indoor / outdoor environment where young children thrive and grow. Reading, Writing and Working with group helps them to develop, alongside with storytelling, Art and Craft, Music, Dancing & Computer

Baby Class and Play group
7.45a.m – 11.00a.m

Upper class
7.45 a.m- 11.30a.m

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Rerum Delectus

Facilities for Day- Care are available. Parents could contact the school office for information. Boys and Girls up to 7 years will be admitted to the Day Care Centre. Well experienced ladies are appointed in daycare to look after your loving children.


Daycare time
11.00 a.m – 5.30 p.m.

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Educare preschool has a useful outdoor area with spacious playground for wide range of extra- curricular activities and students are encouraged to actively participate in all extra-curricular activities which are not only enjoyable  but also broaden a student’s range of interests enriching their education. Most of these activities are organized by the school and give both current and new students the opportunity to integrate.


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Educare preschool has a team of well qualified and dedicated teachers who are committed to deliver the very best, grooming children from their early years preparing them for grade one.Teachers’ skills are regularly upgraded through seminars and workshops to keep them up to date with the latest methods and best teaching practices in Sri Lanka.
EDUCARE preschool maintains a library which is very popular among parents and children.

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School premises are covered with CCTV CAMERA system.


The school gate will be closed at 8.00a.m and you are kindly advised to bring your children to the school by 7.45a.m and 8.00a.m the latest.
Please also ensure that you collect your child on time when the School is over. Except parents authorized person must have valid I.D or letter from parents with him / her. In order to take your child away from School early, written Permission & authorization by the principal is necessary.
Parents are not allowed to walk around the school premises during school hours.


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